Sharing my passion for motorcycles and their mechanics.



Creating Mr. Kortan: Building a Custom Café Racer Motorcycle

Available on in both paperback and Kindle ebook.

Memoir of a Custom Motorcycle Build

More than a memoir of a motorcycle build actually. This book is part a detailed memoir of a motorcycle build project, part memoir of a boy growing up in Fargo, North Dakota in the 1970s and 80s, and a tribute to a teacher who inspired Urban Monk to pursue a lifetime of creativity with tools, metal and machines. 

Short Film

"Me & Mr. Kortan" a short film by Urban Monk 

Featuring my cafe racer, Mr. Kortan, with beautiful riding scenes in the Southern California Desert and music by Swedish/American rock star Patrik Tanner and Minneapolis blues artist Michael James. The film tells the story of how the relationship between man and machine can help both reach their highest purpose. 

Urban Monk TV on YouTube

There's so much to learn or just watch and enjoy on Urban Monk TV.

About Urban Monk


To share my passion for riding and wrenching on motorcycles and to educate and inspire others to enjoy the fun of building your own custom motorcycle as well as restore or maintain an OEM motorcycle with an emphasis on providing the detail needed to do it yourself. 

My Experience

A lifetime of wrenching on my own motorcycles, cars and trucks and a few years working in the automotive parts and service industry in my youth have left me with a certain knack for working on machines with internal combustion engines and wheels that go round. I'm not a certified expert, just a guy who finds a way to make it work with what he has available. I've turned wrenching in my garage into a spiritual practice. 

Café Racer

The "Mr. Kortan" Build

Begun in November of 2016, my "Mr. Kortan" build was my first café racer. I documented the entire build from beginning to end with incredible detail so that anyone could follow along and do the same with the same or similar motorcycle. Named after my middle school Metal Shop teacher, Mr. Kortan, this one is near and dear to my heart.